Sota Solutions was established in 1989 by father and son team, Michael and Paul Cowham. From start-up in the early days of the PC revolution, the company is today one of the UK's most successful independent IT service providers, managing contracts valued at more than £10m. 

Initially specialising in the supply and support of accounting software for small businesses, Sota became the dominant financial software reseller in south-east England by the end of the 90's. Customers demanded accounting software, but also the IT platform to run it on, so a team of professional IT engineers and technicians was employed, and hardware and networking services were developed to enable Sota to provide a complete solution.

By the late 90's, Sota invested in hardware, software and fibre connectivity to become one of the first business Internet service providers in the region.  Sota developed expertise in Internet technologies, and business customers benefited from a single source of supply for software, hardware and Internet services. 

Sota also recognised the convergence of voice and data. An established supplier of telephone systems was acquired by Sota in 2000, and voice services were integrated with Sota's core technical services.  Sota is now at the forefront of the voice-over-IP revolution.

By 2002, Sota made a strategic decision to focus entirely on IT platform and infrastructure services, so all accounting software activities were seamlessly transferred to a specialist accounting software service provider and in exchange their engineering resources and agreements were successfully transferred to Sota.  

Sota relocated to Kent Science Park in 2004, after successfully connecting the twenty-five acre site to provide superfast Internet access. A commercial-grade data centre was constructed to house the Sota Internet services platform. Customer demand for co-location led to the construction of a second data centre in 2005, followed by a higher specification data centre and workplace recovery facility three years later.

The core network was upgraded to 10Gbps and extended to provide physical diversity between the Sota data centres and Internet exchanges in London. Sota also became a network operator in its own right by acquiring a regional fibre-optic network from an international carrier in 2009.

In the new era of Cloud computing, Sota has leveraged a significant long-term investment in people, knowledge, and specialist technical facilities to build a unique cloud platform.  This now forms the basis of a new generation of flexible, cost-effective managed services and solutions.