• ISO 27001 Certification

    Accredited to ISO 27001 standard - the internationally recognised certification available for ensuring information security and business continuity best practice Read More
  • Cloud Solutions

    SotaCLOUD flexible computing deployed and managed in data centres owned by Sota for uncompromising performance security and high-availability Read More
  • Backup and Recovery

    SotaPROTECT back-up and replication provided as a managed service with ultra high-speed recovery to prevent data loss and minimise downtime Read More
  • Connectivity

    SotaCONNECT enterprise-class Internet access and Ethernet services designed and managed to create a resilient high availability network infrastructure Read More
  • Data Centres

    Dual data centres with 24x7 secure access owned and managed by Sota conveniently located in Kent for secure housing of servers and resources Read More
  • Hosted Telephony

    SotaVOIP next generation SIP telephony hosted in Sota data centres and network integrated to provide enhanced functionality and lower costs Read More
  • Network Security

    SotaSECURE firewall filtering and anti-virus technologies provided as a managed service for proactive protection of corporate network environments Read More
  • Managed Systems

    SotaMANAGED hardware and software maintained and supported by Sota engineers with controlled life-cycle management and technology refresh Read More
  • Technical Support

    SotaCOVER technical support provided by experienced and qualified IT engineers within the professional framework of a managed service desk Read More
  • Disaster Recovery

    SotaDR integrated business continuity and disaster recovery services with the convenience of a 100 seat workplace recovery facility located in Kent Read More
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The SotaConnect Domain Name service provides a reliable and efficient Internet domain name registration and renewal service for all Top Level Domains, including .uk and .com. Registration fees are highly competitive with no hidden charges associated with hosting, administration, or transfers.

SotaConnect Domain Names are hosted free of charge on SotaConnect DNS servers hosted within the SotaConnect Data Centre. Management of SotaConnect Domain Names is provided free of charge, including sub-domains, administrative amendments, transfers and TAG changes. Advice on domain name registration is also provided free of charge, including assistance with domain name disputes.

Nominet UK
Sota is a Member of Nominet UK which is recognised by the UK internet community as the official manager of the .uk Top Level Domain.

As a member of Nominet UK, Sota is part of the Steering Committee which contributes to the running of the company by voting at Annual General Meetings, electing non-executive directors, and electing members to a Policy Advisory Board.

Sota is a Nominet UK Tag Holder. As a Tag Holder, domain name applications are processed through the Nominet UK automated registration system. This means that domain names can usually be registered in a matter of seconds.


SotaConnect Domain Name .uk
Registration Fee (2 Years) £50
Renewal Fee (2 Years) £50

SotaConnect Domain Name .com
Registration Fee (2 Years) £50
Renewal Fee (2 Years) £50

SotaConnect Domain Name (Other)
Registration Fee £POA
Renewal Fee £POA

ICANN Registrant Rights and responsibilities


Sota can provide multi-homed high-quality global IP Transit from our Kent Science Park datacentres as well as our core network locations in Telehouse East, Telehouse North and Digital Realty Sovereign House. We utilise high-capacity links to multiple Tier-1 global transit providers, as well as peering arrangements at LINX and LONAP internet exchanges to ensure optimal latency to internet destinations.

Customers can take IP Transit ports and services from 100Mbps, 1Gbps upwards to 10Gbps or multiples.

Services are provided via our global AS number AS31742, all transit services are fully IPv4+IPv6 dual-stack enabled.

Our locations are:

Telehouse East

Telehouse North

Digital Realty Sovereign House

Kent Science Park







SotaCLOUD is the new benchmark for externally hosted IT platforms for business, providing all of the technical and cost benefits of a cloud infrastructure which is secure, resilient, and professionally managed.  

Security and resilience is engineered in at every level, and the main technical components, including the compute and storage platform, the data centre hosting environment and the core network, are all owned, managed and supported by Sota. 

SotaCLOUD challenges the new generation of global service providers, such as Microsoft and Amazon, by providing an open and customer-facing service which is more in scale with its users, as well as highly competitive. SotaCLOUD is hosted in our data centres, which means that your data is geographically accountable, and support is always locally accessible and personalised.  





SotaPROTECT is a fully managed off-site back-up and recovery service which has been developed, tested and optimised by Sota. It enhances your IT infrastructure by standardising on a single backup and disaster recovery solution for both virtual and physical environments. Best in class backup is guaranteed, capturing full, differential and incremental images of your entire system. This includes the operating system, applications, configuration settings, and data, providing automatic protection of your entire business IT platform.

The SotaPROTECT managed service includes ultra-rapid recovery in a number of ways, including full bare metal recovery and recovery to dissimilar hardware. Granular data recovery is extremely fast with a simple browse and click to restore specific files and folders. Recovery time objectives are significantly reduced with the fast, reliable and flexible recovery and migration options which means that getting your business back up and running in minutes, rather than hours, is a reality.




Your businesses needs great connectivity to access the latest generation of technology.  All organisations need access to the Internet or direct access to new technology platforms.  Multi-location businesses need to be interconnected to communicate effectively and share information.  At Sota we use our knowledge and expertise to design, implement and manage standard or complex connectivity solutions which meet the needs of any business or organisation. 

SotaCONNECT managed network services utilise our own independent network, as well as the services of national and international carriers, to create technically robust and cost-effective connectivity solutions for business. The services are based on the latest generation of fibre-based Ethernet technology as well as cost-effective EFM, FTTC and DSL Internet access, with customer premises equipment managed, monitored and supported by the Sota technical team.